• Shawn Kilian - Creator

You can now enter Worker Ant Tunnels!

I've been struggling with finding a unique way to 'spawn' Worker Ants, which are the weakest enemy in the game with only 1 hit point (HP) and 1 attack damage, however, I finally came up with a method that satisfies my inner gamer.

It's the age old technique of the 'tunnel' we have seen in games like Super Mario Brothers. All of the Worker Ants now spawn out of these tunnels, which are not simply spawn points, but also accessible by the player by pressing the "down arrow" or the "s" key.

This allows the player to explore the underworld where all the ants live, providing an entirely new way to travel across the level. Instead of going from pit to pit above ground, now you can choose how you wish to explore the game: above, below, or both.

I plan to add extra treasure, merchants, lore and hidden rooms that lead to back doors into various pits and even secret areas that are only accessible if you roar to break down the 'cracks' in the walls that will be evident if you are paying attention.

The player can also leave the tunnels and exit back to where they originated by simply running into a tunnel. Green arrows will pop up over the tunnel indicating what key the player should press to enter. In the YouTube video above, you see the player pressing the 'left arrow' or 'a' key to enter the tunnel and teleport back up to the top.

It's the little details about this game that keep making it better and better. I look forward to advancing the game's design, development and overall game play with each passing day.

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