• Shawn Kilian - Creator

v1.8 is LIVE! Bug fixes and new additions include:

- Huntsman Spider webs that have been left on the ground will now properly trap the player. - Worker Ants, HoneyPot Ants, Jackhammer Ants, Venus Fly Traps and Huntsman Spiders now scream while on fire. - Desert Scorpions can no longer accidentally damage you between attacks. - When an enemy takes damage from the Sword of the AntLion, the particle effect will now spawn at the tip of the AntLion's sword instead of the enemies head. - Huntsman Spiders that have been stunned by Mighty Roar while simultaneously slashed by Sword of the AntLion will now display a damage particle effect. - Mighty Roar no longer works while climbing ladders. - Mighty Roar is no longer clickable after dying from hunger. - Run Speed and Flying Speed will no longer conflict with each other when the player shrinks and un-shrinks after colliding with a Tumbleweed. - Added a new texture for sand.

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