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Things were getting messy...

When I first started development for this game, I didn't think about the future too much. I just wanted to see a functioning game. Over the years, some of my files have become confusing and frustrating to use as I continue to develop more content for the game. One of those files was the sprite sheet animations for the AntLion. I finally decided to re-organize and re-link all animations into an easy to use format. Here's the old sprite sheet:

...and after 3 hours of meticulous detail and painstaking re-linking and re-naming of all the animations, I successfully turned it into this:

It's big changes like this that make a huge difference for me (as the developer) but the player will never notice during the game. I plan to do more updates to the game like this so that development is less stressful going forward.

This was all done in Unity with the PlayMaker extension and Photoshop.

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