• Shawn Kilian - Creator

Inside a HoneyHive!

This is a sneak peak of a honeyhive. It's filled with HoneyPot Ants hanging from the ceiling (they do this in real life). When you roar, they fall to the ground and run away in fear.

When you collide with their honey filled butts, you gain +10hp, which causes you to turn into a dragonfly...resulting in the ability to spit fireballs at them. Watch them run away in flames and turn into a burnt corpse!

There is a LOT more programming that went into this than meets the eye. Just this HoneyHive took me 2 weeks to program because there were a million bugs and strange things that I kept finding.

In game development, you will notice that as you fix something, another thing breaks, etc. It's like trying to plug endless holes in a sinking ship. Eventually you get them all you think =p

It's a lot of fun. Thanks for checking out The Last AntLion! You can play the game FREE in Chrome/Firefox on your desktop PC/MAC at

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