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Bug fix of the day 4/16/18

In this video, I work on a bug that has been bothering me for a while. I show you how to diagnose the bug using Hutong Games PlayMaker extension for the Unity Game Engine. Then I show you how to apply the proper fixes to your Function State Machines (FSM's), add new FSM's and fix the evil bug!

In this case, the bug involves the player being damaged by an invisible spider web that has been 'splatted' on the ground by the Huntsman Spider. It should not be there permanently damaging the player when they walk into it. Instead, it should damage the player for 1 hit point, prevent the players movement for 3 seconds and change his animation from idle/run to being 'webbed' by the Huntsman Spider web while it's splatted on the ground. After 3 seconds, the player should return to his normal animation state with movement re-enabled.

Everything is explained in the video. If you have any suggestions on how I can do this better, please leave your comments below. I hope this helps others learn how to use Unity and PlayMaker to create video games =)

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