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It takes a while to build a following, but if you keep at it and your product is high quality, it's only a matter of time before you have a fanbase.

On Twitter, I find it important to follow other indie game developers to get inspired and see what this competitive industry has to offer. The more I engage with others and show interest in them, the more they show interest in my game. Every brand has to start somewhere. I am a firm believer that slow growth is good growth. It gives you a chance to properly digest the feedback you get from your fans and adjust your product accordingly.

I know The Last AntLion has thrived more than it ever could because of the comments and likes I get from my followers. I get to see what stands out to them and what doesn't. It helps me tailor the game to be a better experience overall.

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Thanks again, until next time.

Shawn Kilian

Creator / Game Developer

The Last AntLion

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