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  • Shawn Kilian - Creator
    Jun 13

    Added a Mute button (Press M) Added a Retry button to the ESC screen Added a Retry button to the Death screen Added 2 new ways to jump: UP ARROW and W
  • Shawn Kilian - Creator
    May 25

    Mummy Ants now fly higher in the air with their flying kick ability Chests now open automatically if you purchase a key while standing on top of a chest during the rewards screen The sound effect for Army Ants while they walk has been altered so the sound doesn't overlap when multiple Army Ants are on the screen at the same time Bombs now explode after 1 second instead of 3 seconds Army Ants can no longer be stunned with roar Mummy Ants now do a fixed kick in a specific direction if the AntLion jumps over them during combat Fixed a bug that caused Ghost AntLions to not run away during the final game ending Enemies during the final wave now spawn faster Fixed a bug that caused multiple arrows to deflect off an Army Ants shield, even if you only shot 1 arrow Adjusted the pricing of all items to be more balanced Fixed a bug that caused coins to not always play their sound effect towards the end of a pickup Changed the START button to BATTLE instead All projectiles (arrows, fire arrows, deflected arrows, deflected fire arrows, lightning bolts and wand bolts) now collide with the edges of the level Statues can now be destroyed by bombs and have a random chance to drop loot Fixed the sorting renderer layer order for all loot so it's easier to see among the corpses and between the enemies/player Fixed a bug that caused some fire arrows to not display their particle effect after being deflected from the shield of an Army Ant Fixed a bug that caused the camera to shake violently if you killed the Queen while standing underneath her throne room Added particles when castle doors close Worker Ants are not stunnable during their attack swing. Added alternate movement controls: A, D Added alternate controls: TFGHY: T=Potion, F=Bomb, G=Jump, H=Arrows, Y=Roar. Added alternate controls: JIKLU. J = Arrows. L = Bomb. U = Roar. I = Potion. K = Jump. Added alternate Jump controls: NUMPAD0, NUMPAD5 Added alternate Potion controls: BACKSLASH, NUMPAD2, NUMPAD8 Added alternate Bomb controls: NUMPAD3, NUMPAD6 Added alternate Arrow controls: LEFT SHIFT, RIGHT SHIFT, NUMPAD1, NUMPAD4 Army Ants now walks back and forth across the top of the castle to keep the crowd of spectators from becoming too unruly. Fixed a bug that caused the sound effect for the Ring of Lightning to make a strange clicking sound as it looped Added statistics to Kongregate Fixed a bug that caused loot from chests to spawn outside of the castle walls if the chest spawned too close to the edge of the level Army Ants no longer damage you from their backswing Removed the blast radius of fire arrows and instead made fire arrows deal double damage Dinosaur Ants no longer jump attack. Instead they run into you. Fixed a bug that caused the adult dinosaur ant to die if she jumped on you while too close to the edge of the level Lightning Bolts now damage you every time they hit you instead of every 0.5 seconds Lightning Bolt explosions while wielding the Ring of Lightning now appear for every lightning bolt that hits the shield Every time a Pharaoh Ant takes damage, it will now make a 'damaged' sound effect. Fixed a bug that caused the AntLion to look 'squashed' if he died while jumping Mummy ants can now be stunned during the middle of a flying kick Mummy ants now flash while being stunned by roar Illuminate the hearts when you heal yourself Fixed a bug that caused bombs not to kill ethereal Ghost Ants even if you had the Book of the Dead Fixed a bug that caused the Ring of Lightning to cause Fire Ants to die too soon upon collision with the electrical shield effect The stars now twinkle Fixed a bug that caused the original soundtrack and the boss soundtrack to overlap if you pressed pause during the final boss fight Reordered the rewards screen so the loot is in an order that makes sense visually Spikes now damage you every second that you stand in them Added Belt of Haste, which doubles your attack speed Compressed audio file sizes to optimize for WebGL Fixed a bug that caused rewards to persist through death. Fixed a bug that caused the Pharaoh Ant to spawn after defeating the Mummy Ants wave. Fixed a bug that allowed the Dinosaur Ant to be killed before she spawned all of her eggs. Added cheering animations to all enemies Adjust resolution to be 800x600 to meet Kongregate's platform width maximum (800 pixels) Camera zooms in/out when you are low health to simulate a heartbeat Army Ants spawn faster now Added Credits button to the Main Menu Fire Ants now scream until they die Chests now spawn again from any enemy Fixed a bug that caused items purchased from previous games to persist into the next game after pressing the "Retry" button Added Amulet of Time to the rewards loot table, which slows time by half when you are about to die When the player is hit with any damage, the 'flash' of white is now half as illuminated as it was before Added button to mute sound on mobile Enemies caught in the "Roar" ability now illuminate white while they are stunned. The bomb icon now turns gray when you run out of bombs The tally count of X out of XX for each wave is now formatted XX out of XX so it looks more aesthetically pleasing The Pharaoh Ant is now spawning at the proper height Added text "Roar" above the AntLion during each roar Added a new particle effect for the Roar Increased the range and duration of Roar Reduced the price of all reward items Fire Arrows are no longer automatically selected during the rewards screen while simultaneously moving Arrows now have a streak behind them to indicate traveling through the air Removed extra lives from the game Added Armor of the AntLion Removed single coins from the droppable loot table Removed single arrows from the droppable loot table Colliding with spikes now causes the screen to shake The Queen no longer teleports in at the start of the game Added realtime lighting to the game Deflected arrows now continue along their flight path, even if you jump over them The particle effect for roaring no longer stays active during the death screen Added Ring of Lightning to prevent the Lightning Bolts of Electric Ants from damaging the player Added Cloak of Flames to prevent the suicidal Fire Ants from damaging the player Added Book of the Dead that allows you to kill Ghost Ants in any form Fire Arrows now cause Army Ants to flash white when damaged The Ring of Lightning and Cloak of Flames shield radius no longer causes spikes to damage the player Particle effects for Ring of Lightning and Cloak of Flames are no longer displaying behind objects in the throne room Fire Arrows now cause an explosion to ethereal ants Bomb blasts now cause baby Dinosaur Ants to flash prior to death in both egg and dinosaur forms Army Ants can no longer be killed by Fire Arrows or Fire Arrow Blasts Fire Arrows will now deflect off Army Ant shields Cloak of Flames no longer causes damage when Lightning Bolts hit it Worker Ants now have antennae during death Added antennae to the naked and armored AntLion
  • Shawn Kilian - Creator
    Apr 26

    The Queen Ant wants to exterminate your kind because you are half ant, half lion. As a result, she finds it entertaining to watch your kind struggle to survive in her arena of chaos against 8 waves of powerful enemies. Worker Ants are the Queen's weakest defenders. They may walk slowly, but their hammers are powerful smashing weapons at close range. Fire Ants are literally running around in random directions scared out of their minds because, well, the Queen has lit them on fire for her own enjoyment! They have no weapon, but if they run into you, they will disintegrate into a pillar of flame, causing damage to you in the process. The only way to prevent taking damage from a Fire Ant is to purchase the Cloak of Flames, which will shield you in a protective dome of fire. Ghost Ants come in two forms: ethereal (gray) and undead (blue). While in ethereal form, they cannot damage you or be damaged by you. While in undead form, they are vulnerable to damage from all weapon types and will seek to destroy you with their scythe. They will randomly switch between ethereal and undead forms at any given moment. Purchasing the Book of the Dead will allow you to kill Ghost Ants in both ethereal and undead forms. Mummy Ants are extremely slow moving, zombie-like ants but if you get close enough to them, they will attack you with a flying kick! They can be deadly in large numbers and 1 of them is actually a Pharaoh Ant in disguise! The Pharaoh Ant is no joke and will spawn randomly during the Mummy Ants wave. He casts a magical pillar blast from his scepter and takes 10 hits to kill. He always drops a chest. Electric Ants are full of energy and will not hesitate to throw lightning bolts at you from a distance. The only way to prevent taking damage is to jump over the bolts or purchase the Ring of Lightning, which will shield you in a protective dome of electricity. The Queen has imported these rare and highly intelligent creatures from the farthest corners of the earth. Fast and powerful, the adult female Dinosaur Ant is constantly laying eggs and will defend her offspring at all costs. She takes 15 hits to kill and you'll have to fight her ankle biting babies at the same time! Army Ants are the Queen's personal body guards. Their magical shields will deflect arrows back at you. The only way to defeat them is with bombs. Lots of bombs. That's it. You've done it. You've really upset the Queen. Now she's going to get up off her throne and personally destroy you. Unfortunately, you'll have to fight her while simultaneously fighting enemies from the previous 7 waves. If you can defeat her, you'll truly be a god among ants.